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Rock Bridge Girls Basketball Camp


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Contract between Individual and District for Transporting a Student in Personal Vehicle

Contract between Individual and District for Transport

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Rock Bridge High School Song

Hail to the Rock Bridge Bruins!
Our team is brave and bold!
Hail to our stalwart heroes,
Under the green and gold.
Go, Rock Bridge!
Proudly we pledge allegiance,
Loyal we’ll ever be.
Faithful sons of Rock Bridge High,
Fighting for victory.
Rock Bridge high!
Rock Bridge low!
Rock Bridge rocks!
Wherever they go!
Rock, Rock, Bridge, Bridge!

Welcome to Rock Bridge!

Rock Bridge is a student-centered comprehensive high school where students achieve at high levels. The unique culture at Rock Bridge features a commitment to shared decision-making, collaboration, and a focus on student learning. We offer an extensive, comprehensive curriculum, balancing a strong core curriculum and a wide range of elective options, each including Advanced Placement offerings. Our passionate staff regularly engages in interdisciplinary and content specific collaboration through Shared Planning and Professional Learning Teams. Our commitment to student learning and professional growth is unmatched.

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The Rock Bridge Vision

Rock Bridge High School will be a community in which students and staff inspire each other to become life-long learners.

This innovative community – founded upon the ideal of freedom with responsibility – will provide opportunities to help each student develop the skills necessary to be a contributing citizen of an ever-
changing world.

Students and staff will work together to create, serve and achieve at the highest levels.